Our objective is teach traffic safety rules and regulations and make a difference in the driving habits of our students. We believe everyone should get safety training without age, cultural and language limitations. Therefore, roads and highways safety goals can be achieved only through education and awareness.

Pre-DMV tasting, the students must demonstrate:

-Proper driving skill and knowledge.
- Following  restriction and regulation.
-Responsibility and accountability.
-Identifying hazard and avoiding it.
- Better decision making.
- Obay signs and signals.


 For safety and insurance purpose, we may video or audio  record both inside and outside of the vehicle during field training. We may also communicate with other drivers on the road. 

 BTW Preparation

 Driving trainee will be given lesson one to six to study  before taking BTW. This will help enhance students awareness on safety skills and training goals. The materials and training will be adjusted according to the student's ability and level of knowledge. In the future, electronic simulation will be added to the curriculum to support the training.

Wal-Mara Driving School

We teach how to drive safely and pass exam, not how to get a license.

Pay Per Lesson

   Pricing is based on  distance and package  customer needs:

1. Adult and Six hour novice training.

2. Failed DMV exam retraining and VANESSA’S LAW REPEAT BTW training.

3. DWI and other license revocation reinstatement training.

4.To testing center without schedule  and with schedule

5. There is a program called learns first and pay letter for those who qualify (never get a job and actively looking). The fee is 60 dollar per hour which must be paid within 6 month after 1st day training. If not paid within 6 month, 10% interest rate will be applied. Sixty dollar down payment must be paid upfront during agreement sign in and shall be refunded if the student is opted out of the program.

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